Fat Fighting


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Whilst most of us are concerned about our weight for appearance reasons, the bigger concern is the damaging impact that overweight and obesity have on our health. Problems arising from obesity include type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, infertility, back and joint pain, snoring and asthma. While death rates from heart disease have fallen […]

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Personal Training at Be Fitness


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Personal Training at Be Fitness is becoming more & more popular with so many people getting AMAZING results. Dan, Heather & Sam have up to 40 clients on the PT books & they are all getting the results they want. They are getting that extra advice & education plus that extra motivation which at times everyone can lack. Most […]

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Fat Chances & Slim Hopes!


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Fat Chance:  The hormonal changes related to pre-menopause can affect the mood and hunger sensors in your brain, stimulating your appetite. Slim Hope:  Research shows that random bits of exercise (say, taking the steps rather than the elevator, parking at the far end of the car park and walking to your destination and getting up to […]

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Member referral offer – until 18th July 2012


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We have always had an AMAZING member referral OFFER at Be Fitness where you got £1 deducted off your membership for every person you recommended to Be Fitness who then JOINED the club. We have numerous members who over the months have now reduced their membership to £13.99 a month!! Great savings can be made!! […]

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